Accounting Specialists

Our team of accounting specialists is experienced in all the facets of tax and accounting needed for both individual and business clients.  Our collective experience in all types of industries makes us a well-rounded resource for any question you have or any advice needed.  We are dedicated to staying current with all tax law changes and maximizing opportunities for tax savings, while simultaneously providing you with friendly and personal service that breaks down the accounting lingo and makes the tax laws that affect you/your business understandable and relatable.  We believe that just because taxes can be intimidating does not mean that your accountants need to be.  We look for every opportunity to show you that our clients are our main priority.  You can reach any member of our team of Accounting Specialists at:

Carr Fitzpatrick –

Diane Pinto –

Gus Schlaier - 

Kathleen Devine, CPA –

Michelle Martinez –

Mina Finnedt, CPA –

Nina Colgary –

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